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The Indie Artist Cheat Code

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Record, release and monetize your music within 1 week!

Rocket fuel in a PDF! 🚀 If you have talent and a dream to make music, you don't need a record label or a lot of money to start your music career. "The Indie Artist Cheat Code" is a must read for all aspiring independent music artists.

In this authoritative and easy-to-read guide, renowned rapper, songwriter and executive Abel Meri, shares his secrets on how he was able to successfully record and release 13 albums that have been featured in The Source Magazine, Yahoo News, ThisIs50 and more, with no studio and no record label.

Through his own tried and true experience, Abel shares his proven system on how to effectively overcome the challenges that hinder so many artists from releasing studio-quality music at will. All of the information has been vetted and organized for easy reference.

This guide covers:

- How to record studio quality music from anywhere for free. Listen to music made with this system here.

- How to find licensable beats and lyrics you can legally monetize.

- How to distribute your music on all digital music platforms.

- Understanding streaming and digital music economics.

- How to manufacture and sell physical copies and merch.

More than just theory, this is a firsthand account of exactly what works and how to do it, with actionable tips you can apply immediately.

Share your talent with the world and get paid for it. Start your music career today!

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